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Renew. Energize. Thrive.

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Emsella and Emsculpt Therapies in Durango, CO

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EMSculpt Arm Applicators - Deborah Wilson M.D. of Scottsdale, Arizona

EMSculpt Arm Applicators - Deborah Wilson M.D. of Scottsdale, Arizona

Dr. Deborah Wilson of Scottsdale, Arizona demonstrates how the EMSculpt Arm Applicators stimulate the arm muscles to produce beautiful, sculpted arms. Deborah Wilson MD & Associates Gynecology 10250 North 92nd Street Suite 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (480) 860-4791 Hello, I'm Dr. Deborah Wilson, and I'm here to talk to you about our new arm applicators for the EMSculpt machine. The results that we're getting from the arm applicators are absolutely dramatic. We can treat the triceps, which is what we're doing here, and also the biceps. It's only a 20-minute treatment as opposed to 30 minutes for the abdomen, say, or the buttocks. But the results are absolutely dramatic because the muscles are so close to the surface, you can really see a difference in four sessions. So I'm going to turn on the arm applicators here and Felicia is going to tell us how it feels. We're going to go up to about 35 percent on each applicator. So how does it feel? [Felicia] Feels fine, we can go up. - Okay, good. Well, let's just pop it up then. [Felicia] Whoa. - So she can really ... See how her arms are moving? Her arms are moving because those muscles are being contracted. So she's not doing anything to move those arms. Her arms are just moving out of the contractions of the muscles that are happening. So four sessions like this is going to give her significant definition of the triceps and usually, we do both, we do 20 minutes of biceps, 20 minutes of triceps and as I've said a few times, the results are quite dramatic. Let's just pop it up to 100 and see how she feels. All right. She's still smiling. So, it goes in three different modalities. It stimulates the muscles for long periods of time and then short bursts of time and then it goes into kind of a twitch modality that gets the lactic acid out of the muscles. Summer's coming and you're going to be wearing tank tops, so you want nice, defined biceps and triceps. So come on in and have an arm treatment, just like Felicia is doing right now. And you will end up with beautiful, sculpted-looking arms.
EMSculpt Body Contouring Treatment in Scottsdale and Phoenix Dr. Deborah Wilson MD

EMSculpt Body Contouring Treatment in Scottsdale and Phoenix Dr. Deborah Wilson MD

Dr. Deborah Wilson is a Scottsdale based Gynecologist and in this and in this video she explains how EMScultp can be used to contour your body, cut fat and increase muscle. Deborah Wilson MD & Associates Gynecology 10250 N 92nd St Suite 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (480) 860-4791 My name is Dr. Debra Wilson, and I'm going to talk to you today about EMSculpt. EMSculpt is a technology that delivers high-intensity focus electromagnetic energy to the muscles of the abdomen or the buttocks. EMSculpt will increase the muscle mass by 16 percent, but in the process, at least on the abdominal treatment, we're also going to get rid of 19 percent of the fat. Even for rectus diastasis or women who have been pregnant and have babies and their rectus muscle is somewhat separated, we can reduce that by 11 percent. This is one treatment of EMSculpt on the abdomen is like doing 22,000 sit-ups, or in one treatment on the buttocks, it's like doing 22,000 leg lifts or squats. Now it gets rid of the fat because the muscle is being so hyper-stimulated that it runs out of energy. So it recruits from the fat cells, the fat cells become overwhelmed. They burst, they spill their long-chain fatty acids and fat is permanently eliminated. The muscle, of course, needs some boosters from time to time. It needs some support because any muscle, even if you're exercising your bicep, you can't exercise your bicep, get a huge bicep and then forget about it for the rest of your life. That's not going to work. In this case, we're treating the abdomen and we're using one applicator. We actually have two applicators available, so say in a larger person or in somebody who is choosing to treat the buttocks to raise the buttocks and give them a rounder appearance, we would use two applicators. So it's no secret that EMSculpt is my very favorite machine. It's non-invasive. It doesn't hurt. It takes only 30 minutes for treatments over two weeks or over a month and we get fabulous results. Strong abdomens, well-defined muscles, and if the person is working on their buttocks the result is dramatic almost after one treatment. So yes, I admit this is my favorite machine.
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