Cryomedspa in Durango, Colorado


I lived with fibromyalgia since I was seventeen.

For the last twenty years I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and inflammation. I really needed to find something to best combat that. I started out with whole body cryotherapy which was a game changer for me. It made a huge difference with the inflammation that I was experiencing in my joints.


I’m a breast cancer survivor.

Tomorrow will be 2 years today since I had treatment. I had significant neuropathy in my feet and my hands. Not being able to do very much. Just getting through the day. I do whole body cryotherapy and infrared sauna. Before I started I didn’t have full range of motion on my left side with my arm and shoulder. I do now. I felt immediate relief on my neuropathy situation with my legs. I rarely get it in my hands anymore. I feel like life take two for me.


I have Crohn’s disease, but I’m also dealing with a lot of neurological issues, eye issues.

The service I use here mostly is hyperbaric and that’s what’s helped me so much. Tremendously. When I first came I was not sure that it would work. You lay in a chamber. You breathe oxygen. How would that really help me? But I just stuck with it. It just started to make me be able to do the things I did before. I started to be able to think more clearly. To be able to exercise again. I began doing races again with my husband and my friends.