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Cryomedspa in Durango, Colorado


These guys are wonderful!

The whole crew is very professional and attentive to their customer's needs and timetables for treatment. The therapy modalities are wide ranging. The treatments are great for general physical wellness, prevention, and maintenance as well as healing from injury.

- Taylor

I can't say enough great things about Cryomedspa!

The staff are wonderful and the selection of therapy treatments available are unbeatable. The salt chamber has really helped with my seasonal congestion and the Whole Body Cryotherapy has become a weekly ritual for me to enjoy after a week of physical work. I feel great every time I step out of it! I highly recommend checking out Cryomedspa if you're looking for ways to support and care for your body and overall health.

- Lucy

We love the range of healing modalities the spa has to offer!

My fiance and I have recently become members. The pricing is unbeatable, especially compared to Denver (where we come from). The spa is super calming, lovely team of providers and nurses (RENO ROCKS!), amazing experience every time we go! :)

- Kate

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