Treat Incontinence in Durango, CO


Freedom from Incontinence

Over 25 million Americans, a mojority women but also men, suffer inadvertent urine loss known as incontinence. The Emsella chair offers a non-invasive, effortless, fully clothed therapy to reduce symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence. The Emsella's high intensity focused electro-magnetic stimulation delivers the equivalent of 11,000 kegel contractions in a short 28 minute session. These contractions of the pelvic floor musculature are far more intense than any kegel you perform at will. By strengthening the pelvic floor with these "supramaximal muscle contractions," the size and number of the muscle fibers increases.

Sessions on the Emsella chair are only 28 minutes - the perfect slot of time during your lunch break. 

Improvement in Sexual Function

The group of muscles that is strengthened by Emsella treatments is the same group of muscles involved in orgasm and vaginal tightness. Sexual function is  enhanced and orgasms are stronger after the Emsella treatment series. 

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